Welcome Letter from Alex

My Dear Friends,

God is waiting to do mighty works in your life and I know beyond a doubt He is always ready to shower you with His love and blessings through the grace and love of our Lord Jesus Christ.   Are you ready to receive it?

The problem with most people is that they don’t need God until they have a problem; When things are going right and they have plenty, they don’t need God, they go to Him last instead of first so their priorities are backwards, it’s like putting the cart before the horse, there’s just no power there.

In order to receive what God has to give us, we must put Him first and foremost in all of our affairs.  Proverbs 3: vs. 5-6 in Amplified Bible tells us to; Lean on, trust in, and be confident in the Lord with all your heart and mind and do not rely on your own insight or understanding.  In all your ways know, recognize, and acknowledge Him, and He will direct and make straight and plan your paths.

Do you need a lift?  Are you down and out?  Is life not working out quite like you had planned?  Try going to God first and start every day by saying out loud that “God is love” andHe loves me”.

Believe that “Love is who God is” and “He loves you” enough to take care of your finances, your health, your insecurities and every other need that you might possibly have.  Once we understand how much “God loves us” all else will fall into place.

In His great love, God made a bridge that allows us to enter into His presence (the cross) and He piled every sin onto His Son and sent Him to die in our place.  Only Jesus who was sinless could be the perfect sacrifice that God required and by accepting Jesus into our lives, we can cross the bridge into righteous communion with God.  If we put that truth into our hearts we not only have the promise of joy and fulfillment here on earth but also eternity in Heaven.


Prayerfully yours, Alex M Tumparov


2 Responses to Welcome Letter from Alex

  1. Corrin Sanchez says:

    Hi Uncle Alex ,
    It’s Corrin, I found your website and Ilove it! I’m thinking about asking if I can do some more articles at my church. All your articles about the Lord really inspire me to do the same thing called ‘From a kids perspective.
    I recieved you package in the mail, it was really cool! I hope one day you see ‘From a kids perspective’ on a pen and notepad. It really made my day to have that gift from you. It meant a lot to me.
    Love Corrin
    ps. Natalie is doing great and the family says Hi and they Love you and Aunt Sue too!

    • Hi Corrin, thank you so much for your positive comments on the website. Your idea “From a Kids Perspective” sounds great. Trust your uncle if God put this in your heart… and I am sure He did, I say go for it. If you feel like writing we would love to put you on our website and you can have stories and columns for kids. When you write just email it to me and we will edit and post it for you. Maybe I could have a heading called… “JOY 4 KIDS” and put it under Corrin’s Corner. I would love to read your stuff. We are so proud of you (we always have been) and know God has a very special purpose and plan for your life. Let me see if I can find more goodies to mail you, in the mean time take care and give the family my love.

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