January 2013 – Just As You Are

The Divine Spark, the match that lights the candle…the flint that starts the fire…the pilot light that starts the oven…the flame that keeps your water hot. Little things always go unnoticed but are so important in the quality of your lives as well as the lives of others. In each one of you there is a Divine Spark, a burning ember, a flickering flame. Do what you need to in order to keep the fire burning. Blow on it… fan it…but whatever you do never let that spark go out.

At times you may be tempted to give up or quit but you won’t be able to, the Divine Spark won’t let you, because when the spark goes out life ends. This year make a commitment to keep the spark going and never let the fire run out. Always be a spark in the lives of others, God will honor it and bless you beyond your wildest dreams. Good things coming in the New Year please read attachment.  JANUARY 2013

God Bless and have a very Happy New Year

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