December 2012 – You’ve Got What It Takes

It’s true, only you‘ve got what it takes. You have the opportunity to make changes in your life. You can change your attitude and chose to trust and hope. You do have the power not to allow negatives to dominate your life. You can squeeze the best out of life and leave the rest behind. It is possible… but only YOU have what it takes to do it.

STEP ONE: Always Ask the Expert First.

STEP TWO: Follow His Instruction.

STEP THREE: Never Give Up.

STEP FOUR: Know Who You Are.

STEP FIVE: Change The Way You Think.

STEP SIX: Positive Words Produce Positive Results.

STEP SEVEN: You are Blessed to be a Blessing.


STEP NINE: Faith Requires Training.

STEP TEN:  It’s Up To You To Change.

STEP ELEVEN:  It’s Always Your Decision.

STEP TWELVE: You’ve Got What It Takes.

Change always begins with you and will happen if you are serious about wanting Genuine Joy and True Happiness

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1 Response to December 2012 – You’ve Got What It Takes

  1. Shelly says:

    I love this! The only thing we can control is ourselves and we need to do it for the glory of God.

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