October 2012 – It’s Up to You to Change

Another month has come and gone and I hope it has been a productive and profitable one for you. With all of the nonsense that is going on in the world today it seems harder than ever to just be happy. Frustrations seem to bump into you no matter what direction you go and it’s easier for you to get into bed than get out of it in the morning. There seems to be less cooperation with those around you and more and more conflict. The cost of living is getting higher, gas prices are through the roof, and speaking of roof, your home has probably gone down in value. Now of all times is no time to panic, now is the time to change. You may not be able to change the world but you certainly have the power to change yourself. You can let frustrations go. You can find a reason to get up in the morning. You can be in better harmony with others. You can take control of your finances. Just know that no one can do this for you. So now is where things get exciting, Step Ten: It’s Up To You To Change. If you have been following in, Joy in Life, Your Guide to Genuine Joy & True Happiness, you will remember:

STEP ONE: Always Ask the Expert First.

STEP TWO: Follow His Instruction.

STEP THREE: Never Give Up.

STEP FOUR: Know Who You Are.

STEP FIVE: Change The Way You Think.

STEP SIX: Positive Words Produce Positive Results.

STEP SEVEN: You are Blessed to be a Blessing.


STEP NINE: Faith Requires Training.

STEP TEN:  It’s Up To You To Change.

Change always begins with you and will happen if you are serious about wanting Genuine Joy and True Happiness.

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