August 2012- Pass it On

If you have been following in, Joy in Life, Your Guide to Genuine Joy &  True Happiness, you will remember:

STEP ONE: Always Ask the Expert First.

STEP TWO: Follow His Instruction.

STEP THREE: Never Give Up.

STEP FOUR: Know Who You Are

STEP FIVE: Change The Way You Think.

STEP SIX: Positive Words Produce Positive  Results.

STEP SEVEN: You are Blessed to be a  Blessing


In 1952, a very special and unique person was born, my brother, Nick.  Although he was born with a hole in his heart, you would never know it by the way he filled the holes in the hearts of others throughout the rest of his life.  The doctors said he had a bad heart, and medically they were right, but spiritually they were all wrong.  When he was six years old, he was one of the first people to receive open-heart surgery at Stanford Hospital.  In retrospect, I firmly believe God saved him for a purpose, a plan, and a mighty destiny.

The August newsletter is available for your enjoyment on the Newsletters page. Or download the PDF in the archive.

See the Newsletters page to read the August Newsletter!

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