April 2012- Know Who You Are

If you have been following in, Joy in Life, Your Guide to Genuine Joy & True Happiness,you will remember:

STEP ONE: Always Ask the Expert First.

STEP TWO: Follow His Instruction.

STEP THREE: Never Give Up.

STEP FOUR: Know Who You Are

I’ve learned that the best way to greet God is in my pajamas. What father or mother doesn’t love it when the first thing their children do when they wake up is to run into the living room, jump on their lap in their pajamas, and say, “Good morning, I love you”? The best time spent with the Father is before the cares of this world have time to get into your head and the battle to crowd Him out begins. As believers, we should be the happiest people in the world because we have Him and all of His blessings to think about; our attitude should be one of expectancy, “expect a miracle.”

See the Newsletters page to read the April Newsletter!

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