Word 4 Today December 23, 2011


Too many people today miss God’s blessings, direction, and will for their lives because they simply don’t pray.  Some think they don’t know how, some think they don’t have time, and others question whether or not it even works.  Unless your life is perfect and you have need of nothing, there is no good excuse not to pray.  Let me challenge you to try a prayer that is guaranteed to work, regardless of any restraints you may claim to have upon your life.  Be sure to keep a journal on how your life, your circumstance, and your confidence level have been completely and drastically transformed by this daily prayer.

·         First, you must have faith and believe God is, and that He answers prayer.

·         Second, humble yourself by quietly kneeling before God.

·         Third, make a commitment and positively express yourself.

·         Fourth, thank Him, knowing your prayer was heard and answered.

Set your mind on things above, not on things on the earth.  (Col. 3:2)


Dear Father, today I know exactly what to do: keep my eyes focused on You.  I will not look at the mountains in front of me, but I will look to the One who created and has the power to remove any mountain that’s ahead of me.


Unless your life is perfect, pray!

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