Word 4 Today December 19, 2011


In Palestine, there are two seas.  One is fresh and fish are found in abundance, the trees are green, and children play by its banks; everything is lush and everything is living.  The Jordan River pours into this sea, flowing freshwater from the surrounding hills.  The Jordan River makes not only this sea, called the Sea of Galilee; it also makes another sea.  This sea has no fish, and nothing around it is green.  There are no birds and no children playing, and the air above it hangs heavy.  The same river flows into both seas, but one has life, and in the other one, nothing lives.

What makes the difference between the two?  The Jordan River sends the same water flowing into both seas, but one is alive and one is dead.  Here’s the difference: The Sea of Galilee gives back all the water it receives, drop by drop.  What it takes in, it gives back, so that the water flows in and out in equal measures and blesses everything around it.  The other sea thinks it’s much shrewder and selfishly and jealously hoards every drop of water it takes in.  The Sea of Galilee gives and lives; the other sea gives nothing and it’s dead—it’s called the Dead Sea.  Like these rivers, there are two kinds of people in the world: givers (alive) and takers (dead), and just as there are two seas in Palestine, both will produce a different result. 


Dear Lord, just as I can stand in front of both seas and see the tremendous difference and impact each sea has on the areas around them, I can also see the impact I leave on those around me.  I would be foolish not to choose the sea that provides life, joy, and happiness and became a blessing to everything around it.  Allow me to give back the good that’s been given me, and allow me the opportunity to be a blessing to someone today. You guarantee that I will flourish if I remember to become a channel, not a reservoir.


Love!  You’ve got to pour it out to keep it.

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