Word 4 Today December 11, 2011


All of us have a certain amount of insecurity we live with, and sometimes we wonder if we measure up.  As children, we might have been compared to a sibling or given someone as an example that we should emulate. At school, we wondered if other students and teachers liked us, and popularity was a goal to be coveted.

Somehow we managed to get through those difficult years and became adults, but the insecurities remained with us.  We went out into the world, and at work we wondered how competent we really were.  Did the other employees and our bosses like us?  Success was a goal to be achieved.

Relationships became important as well, and we found loved ones, courted, got married, started families, and had children.  At this point, you would think we had that insecurity issue all settled.  Unfortunately, old habits die hard, and we wondered if we were good spouses and parents.  Did we live in the right house, send our kids to the right school, make enough money?  How did we compare to others?

Well, as the old adage goes, “If I only knew then what I know now …” I would have known that I had a loving Father who gave me life out of His love.  I would have known that He created me for a special reason, with a unique purpose and plan for my life.  I would have known He gave me a road map to success here on earth and the promise of eternal life in Heaven.  Yes!  Life would certainly have been different.

If I would have known that God, by His grace and mercy, was willing to inspire and instruct, correct, discipline, and train me so I could become complete, proficient, well fitted, and thoroughly equipped in life, I would have been a whole lot more secure. 


God wants us to succeed and prosper in all that we do.  You created us all with a divine purpose and have given us all clear guidance through Your word.  You never created us to be stranded or isolated on an island with no idea of how to get off. 


It’s what God thinks that is important.

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