Word 4 Today November 21, 2011


I keep a picture of my wife and me on our wedding day on a bookcase that sits very close to me.  Right next to this picture is one of my younger daughter and my older daughter and when they got married.  I treasure those pictures and the moments that they were taken in. 

I know you all have something surrounding you that give life a special meaning.  One moment in time that brings good feelings of a special time, which you would not trade for anything that this world has to offer.

One morning as the sun was just rising; I looked at a picture of my wife and me on our wedding day.  I thought about how wonderful life was and reflected on how special that one moment in time was.

Then I thought if I lived in paradise, had every good thing at my disposal, and had all of the blessings Heaven had to offer, would I give it all up without hesitation for this one moment in time?  It may seem funny, but the answer is yes.  Whether or not I had to trade all this world has to offer, it would have been more than worth it to experience that one moment in time with someone I loved dearly.  “Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift!” (2 Cor. 9:15). 


Dear Lord, moments like this are critical in my life.  If I don’t have a strong root system, I will never be able to bear any fruit.  When the storms of life come, what do I have to hang onto?  In the future, what can I hang my assurance on?  These moments of time are given to give us joy in the present, hope for the future, and strength to move forward when times get tough.


Let me not make things more complicated than they need to be!

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