Word 4 Today November 6, 2011


It’s time to go on strike and reclaim your identity.  It’s time to stand up, be free and claim what no one can take away from you, yourself.  It’s never too late to be who you are.  Start being who God has created you to be and you will be very surprised at who you will become.  If you ever want to be miserable then be ashamed of who God made you and try being someone or something you are not. 

Never give up, never quit and never stop being blessed by who you are and who God has designed you to be.  If you do this, I have great news for you.  It’s been brought to my attention from reliable sources that God wants to bless you in a mighty way.  All you have to do is be yourself and let God take care of the rest.  Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in Your sight, O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer (Ps. 19:14).


Thank God for a brand new day, full of blessing, joy and peace.  Thank You for the opportunities You put before me. Thank You for another chance to turn my life around and be blessed more than I could have ever imagined.


Be yourself, it’s important to God.

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