Word 4 Today November 2, 2011


We tend to live by feelings rather than God’s truth.  We cannot go through life thinking that if things are going well God loves us and if not He’s upset with us.  If we are happy we are doing something right, if we are sad we are doing something wrong.  Again, know that no matter what, God is in control and His promises are true.

A Pastor asks, “do you believe Acts 16:31 that whoever believes in the Lord Jesus shall be saved?”  Parishioner: “Well yes but I don’t know if I am.”  Pastor:  “Did you believe on His name?” Parishioner, “Yes but I don’t know if it worked.”  Pastor, “Are you calling God a liar?” Parishioner, “I would never call God a liar.”  Pastor, “Did He or did He not say, believe in the Lord Jesus Christ and you will be saved?” Parishioner, “I know He said it but I just don’t know if I’m saved.” Do you see the logic here?  If I came to my wife and said I really love you and she responded, “I really don’t believe you mean that!” It would be a slap in my face, that’s what we do to God when we doubt His faithfulness. 


Dear Lord, Your power was given to change lives.  Your Spirit is big enough to transform my heart. It’s big enough to cleanse me, to help me rise above discouragement and be of use to others.  I will not allow sin and shame to discourage me; instead, I will use Your everlasting grace to encourage me.


God is big enough to forgive you!  Believe it.

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