Word 4 Today September 3, 2011


There are still many out there who really don’t know how to pray.  Religion has taught them that there’s some kind of secret formula to prayer and that if we discover it we get the answers we need.  But what is prayer?  It’s simply talking to God.  It’s not all that complicated.  We speak.  He listens.  He speaks.  We listen.  Prayer is an ongoing conversation, the means to building a better relationship with our heavenly Father.  As we pray each day we draw a little closer to Him.  It doesn’t really matter whether we read a prayer, speak a prayer, whisper a prayer, scream, sob, or shout a prayer, they all rise up to His holy throne.  And there, we can be very sure, He hears, cares, and answers according to His perfect will.  “Lord, teach us to pray…” Luke 11:1


 Lord, sometimes we do not know how or what to pray but when the disciples came to You and asked “Lord teach us to pray,” You gave them the Lords prayer.  I firmly believe that the best way to start a prayer is to ask God to teach you what to say.  Lord, we come asking today to teach us how to pray, as well as who and what to pray for. 


If you ask how, God will never, not answer.

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