Word 4 Today August 30, 2011


It has become very apparent in our current economy that many people have set their sights on material things, rather than on spiritual things.  Look at what this has done; it has brought many people to ruin.  Others are caught up in anxiety and fear; they don’t know what the future will hold.  We have so much but in the end it’s useless junk.  You will never find happiness in the pursuit of things; they will all eventually be destroyed or taken by someone.  The things we can truly hang on to and depend on are the things of the spirit.  We must learn to rely more and more on God’s power and less and less on our own.  He knows exactly what we need and is willing to supply it freely, but you must want this more than you do things.  “Take heed and beware of covetousness, for one’s life does not consist in the abundance of things he possesses.”  Luke 12:15


Lord, help me realize that true satisfaction does not come from things, but comes from fulfilling the purpose You have designed for me.  What I need is a relationship with You.  May I never try to replace You through material excess.


Anyone can own things!

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