Word 4 Today August 26, 2011


Inner conflicts, I guess we all have them.  Just for fun count the number of hours each day you spend thinking about yourself: my needs, my wants, my desires, I wish I.  You know where I am going with this, the more time we spend thinking about personal desires, our own goals, and ourselves, it seems the more frustrated and out of control we get.  We are at constant war in our minds and can honestly get dizzy after thinking about ‘we’ all day.  When we look away from self and invest in the lives of others, everything seems to fall into place.  When I take the focus away from me and put it on another, my thoughts become more organized, because now I’ve stopped fighting with myself and concentrated on helping someone else.  Putting others first has tremendous value; it is not only for the person you are trying to help but also for spiritual, mental, and physical heath for you.  … who plants a vineyard and does not eat of its fruit?  Or who tends a flock and does not drink of the milk of the flock?  1 Corinthians 9:7


“When two or three are gathered together in My name, there am I in the midst of them.”  The more people we surround ourselves with the greater the presence of God.  The more we reach outside ourselves and into the lives of others the greater is the power of God.  


Lord, self is a lonely place to be. Help me get out of me!

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