Word 4 Today August 24, 2011


Why is it that many of us have a natural bent of finding fault with people rather than the good that’s in them? We can be quick to judge and criticize, but slow to look for their good qualities.  I think it might be laziness on our part; it’s just a whole lot easier to see the glaring faults in others than having to dig to find the good parts.  Looking for good involves an investment on our part, an interest in that other person, to find fault requires nothing on our part.  It seems criticism just makes us feel a little better than that other person.  The problem with finding fault and criticizing is that it benefits neither party and nothing good is accomplished by it.  We will find that the more we build people up and look for good in them, not only do they become better, but we become better people as well.  “For with what judgment you judge, you will be judged; and with the measure you use, it will be measured back to you.”  Matthew 7:2


Dear Lord, help me to understand that people are never effectively changed by criticism.  Good change can only come when we bring out the best in people; encourage their good points and overlook their faults.


Today, catch someone doing something right.

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