Word 4 Today August 1, 2011


The Jews have a legend that, when their forefathers were saved from Egypt and the Egyptians drowned in the Red Sea, the angels joined in the songs of triumph sung by the Israelites.  God spoke to the angels and said, “The Jews are men and can rejoice about their escape.  But from you I expect more understanding.  Are the Egyptians not also my creatures?  Do I not love them, too?  How do you fail to feel my sorrow about their tragic fate?”  As the story continues in the Book of Joshua chapter 5 vs. 13, Joshua saw a man standing opposite of him with a sword in his hand.  Joshua asked him, “‘Are you for us or for our adversaries?”  The natural response only could have been  “I am for You” or “I am for you adversaries,” or “I am neutral.”  These are the only responses to such a question.  But the Lord sent this angel therefore, when he was asked the question, he gave a most unexpected answer, he answered “No.”  You see, he came from a place where beings are not for or against, but where everyone and everything are understood, looked upon with pity and compassion, and loved with fire.


Lord as Christians we are more than mere men; we are children of God and partakers of Your divine nature.  Let us not hate anyone, for they too are God’s creatures, so how can I hate anyone?


Remember, hate the sin… not the sinner!

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