Word 4 Today July 28, 2011


The words are present, and present.  The most obvious definition of present is, a gift, not a gratuity or inferior gift, but a blessing that is always intended as a compliment or an expression of good will.  The other definition of present, is: being before, in view at a certain place, now existing, begun but not ending, not past or future.  Now if you think about it, these two words just naturally go together.  So what’s my point?  Just that the present, (The Gift) is the present, (Life).  You have found the missing link… it is you!  And you hold the past and the future together at this particular point in time. You are a miracle and have been given a present, a gift, and that gift is your present life. 

The present is a blessing a special moment in time that is yours alone. Unfortunately the present passes by quickly, never to return again.  I guess what makes the gift so special is that you only get it once.  God is our refuge and strength, a very present help in trouble. Psalm 46:1 


Dear Lord, may we learn to appreciate and enjoy every moment that we have been blessed with.  Always bear in mind that the present and the present are natural, they just go together.  We thank You for the gift of time.


There is no greater present than the present moment.

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