Word 4 Today July 21, 2011


Every day we have a choice to make, a decision, on how we will respond regardless of any favorable or unfavorable situations that come our way.  The easiest way to do this is to know in advance what your policies are.  Developing a Mission Statement is the bottom line of what you hope to accomplish in every transaction, with every person you meet, and with any situation that may come your way today.  I don’t know of a successful company that doesn’t have a brief statement of what their intent and purpose is; “Always the low price… Always,”  “The customer is always right,”  “Expect more, pay less.” These statements become ones guiding force, its bottom line and the foundation upon which everything else is based. 

We should all have a Mission Statement; at Joy In Life it is “To walk in the will of the Father in whatever direction He leads no matter what the circumstances.  Praying for knowledge, wisdom and faith. Dedicating each day to His service for His glory.”  That’s our bottom line and our anchor in the storm.  If we stick to our mission statement we will be able to resist adversity, endure hardships and overcome every obstacle that may come our way.  A great place to start, Matthew 22:37-39 – “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind, and you should love your neighbor as yourself.”


Dear Lord, I know you have a purpose and plan for my life.  Let me in on that plan and I will do all that I can to make it come to pass.  Make my mission Your mission and Your plan, my plan.  Thank You for giving me something to hang on to when problems arise and obstacles come my way.


Without a “Mission Statement” there is no mission!

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