Word 4 Today July 12, 2011


One hot Arizona day I noticed a young lady sitting alone, looking rather despondent.  I walked up and introduced myself and asked how her day was going so far.  Without hesitation she began telling me how her life was falling apart. She had just been thrown out of the house and was now living with friends, was still attending high school and had just started a new job in a restaurant. She was not hesitant in sharing her dreams, ambitions, and plans but admitted for now she would have to put them aside. 

I did my best to assure her that we all go through difficult times, but we don’t have to stay there. I asked if she had asked God to help her get through the tough times.  She explained she did not believe in God.  I did my very best to explain the love of God and how much He wanted to be involved in her life.  She was very grateful and thanked me for listening and invited us to the restaurant where she worked. For a week I prayed and thought about this young lady, what could I say to help her? 

One morning, God spoke to my heart and told me to tell her, “You might not love or believe in Me, but I love and believe in you.”  That night we went to the restaurant and I repeated what I had heard. I don’t know what has happened since, but I do know regardless of your love and belief in Him, He Loves and Believes in you.


Dear Lord, the pathway to Heaven must begin at the foot of the Cross – All of Your wonderful plans start and end there.  I know this from personal experience, for it was in my darkest moment, when I saw the brightest light.


God loves you…no matter what!

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