Word 4 Today June 24, 2011


When I let my little gripes and resentments interfere with what I know to be my proper conduct, I am on the wrong track and I will take a step backwards in the progress I am making.  I must never let my old way of thinking interfere with the way I know God wants me to live.  When I have no clear guidance from God, I must go forward quietly along the path of duty.  The attitude of quiet faith will receive its rewards.  I cannot afford to go backwards by letting little things upset me.  A little leaven leavens the whole lump.  Galatians 5:9


My little gripes, my little resentments, do I really have time for them?  Lord, I cannot continue to let minor annoyances and disturbances distract me from my joy and peace.  Help me to let go of all the little, worthless, and unproductive things that try to sneak in and ruin my day.


Must I let ever little thing bother me, or am I bigger than that?

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