Word 4 Today June 13, 2011


If you are honestly trying to live the way you believe God wants you to live, then God is there to guide you, provided your thoughts are directed towards His will.  Act on God’s guidance and you will always be led to better things.  Your impulses, thoughts, and actions become less your own and you will be guided more by the leading of God’s spirit working through you.  Your kingdom come, Your will be done on earth as it is in heaven.  Matthew 6:10


I know how You want me to live Lord.  You want me to live righteously and in harmony with You.  It’s really not that difficult if I just focus on what pleases You.  You do not keep me in the dark; I have enough light to get me through any thought or temptation that comes before me.  I have all of the strength I need to live a successful and overcoming life.


Is it time to reeducate your mind?  Think God thoughts.

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