Word 4 Today May 23, 2011


From the time I was little I always remember the words my dad used when I did not properly represent him or our family name. “Alex, you are a reflection of me and this family, always remember, you’re a Tumparov, so act like one.”  I received an e-mail from an old friend of mine, who wrote to me regarding my grandson;  “Any talks with Caleb lately? He is a cute, smart, and talented boy.  He sure looks and reminds me a lot of you!”  I wasn’t too flattered at first because I knew I was cute, smart, and talented, however; the more I thought about it, the happier and more excited I got.  What a compliment it is when others see another person reflected through you in the right way.

You know, Jesus always did what His Father asked Him to do and His way of reflecting the Father was the best way He could show us who God was.  The Father loved, so Jesus loved.  The Father forgave, so Jesus forgave.  The Father showed grace and mercy, so Jesus showed grace and mercy.  The Father heals, so Jesus healed.  The Father sacrificed and sent His Son to die for us, so Jesus sacrificed and died for us.  Jesus glorified the Father by coming to earth in human flesh and becoming an absolute perfect reflection of His Father.  He did not do this for Himself; He did it to show us we could personally know who God is, and how much He loves us.


Lord, everyday let me be a reflection of You.  I have been left on this earth for a reason and that is to take and share what You have shown me, and given me.  I pray that I may share it with others. 


What a compliment it is to reflect the Father!

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