Word 4 Today May 12, 2011


Immediately following his death a man stood before the Gates of Heaven inquiring as to how he could get in.  The Angel who stood before the gate told him he would have to give him 1,000 good things he had accomplished in order to merit his entrance into Heaven.  The man, thinking this would be easy, said, “Well, I have always been a good person and my good work clearly outweighed the bad.  I have raised a family, given to charities and even served my community.”  The Angel responded, “That’s one.” 

The man then said, “I have worked hard and made a lot of money and gave some to the poor.”  “That’s great the Angel responded, that’s two.” 

The man then responded, “I went to church every Sunday and was always good about celebrating, religious holidays.”  “Very good” said the Angel, “that’s three.”  The man, seemingly frustrated at this point, responded, “I don’t get it, I have done all of these wonderful things and I still can’t get into Heaven, what’s it take, the grace of God?”  The Angel answered, “That’s a thousand.” 

Ephesians 2:8-9 For by grace (God’s unmerited favor) have you been saved (delivered from judgment) through faith (in Jesus Christ) and that not of yourselves (of your own doing) it is the gift of God.  (9) Not of our own works, lest anyone should boast.  (Amplified Bible) 


Lord let us always remember that we can never enter into Heaven as a result of what we do.  Let us never take glory in our own works. Salvation and everlasting life are totally and completely a gift from God.


Only 1 way to get in, and it’s not yours.

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