Word 4 Today May 10, 2011


Today I watched a florist arrange a bunch of flowers.  They were all different sizes, shapes and colors.  She seemed so content and happy trimming the stems and removing each little imperfection on every flower she was working on.  When she was done, she placed them all in a lovely vase and created an absolutely beautiful bouquet.  Not being a florist, I couldn’t see the beauty that would be created by each individual flower, but when it was done, if I had $20.00 on me, I would have had one happy wife. God’s like that, He loves taking each one of us and trimming us and cutting away our imperfections and puts us all together in His loving arms to create a beautiful bouquet.


Today may I see others as they are, not as I want them to be?  Let me wait until God is done before I determine what He is creating. 


God sees the finished product!

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