Word 4 Today May 6, 2011


Think of being in the middle of a crosswalk.  The light is green, the little picture of the man is still flashing and you have lots of time left before the light turns red.  As you are walking you look up the street and here comes a semi-truck doing about 60 MPH, you see it but you refuse to move.  The light’s green, you’re in the crosswalk and you have every right to be there.  You’re not going to move; you have the right of way.  That analogy is really food for thought because we do it every day.  Someone might disagree with you, they might hurt your feelings, or you might not get your way so you’re going to fight back because you have the right to.  Wrong, feelings of resentment, anger, un-forgiveness, and frustration will kill you as fast as that semi.  I think being right can be highly overrated.  What do you think?  The way of a fool is right in his own eyes.  But he who heeds counsel is wise.  Proverbs 12:15


Dear Lord, enough with my rights!  You had more rights than anyone, yet You chose to lay those rights down.  We didn’t have the right to go to heaven.  We can never earn the right for Your forgiveness.  We have absolutely no right to stand in Your presence.  Lord, may we recognize You gave up Your rights and left heaven and came to earth to give us rights we could never receive on our own.  May we learn the lesson of giving up our rights in order to benefit others. 


Sometimes, no most times, our rights are overrated!

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