Word 4 Today May 4, 2011


God loves you so much.  Anything that attempts to describe the ministry of Jesus Christ apart from His divine love “is all wrong.”  Every breath God takes is out of love.  Every word He speaks is out of love.  Every biblical principle He gave was given out of love.  Everything He does, He does out of love.  God loved us so much He even gave us His Son.  We should shout, “God is love.” 1 John 4:16 God’s love is very practical; it is given to give us comfort, hope and peace.  It gives us the strength to face our every day challenges.  The one thing we can be certain of is God’s love; we can rest in it, and be reassured by it.  “As the Father loved Me.  I also have loved you; abide in My love.”  John 15:9

Religion is going to offer you some complicated teachings, or strict moral codes that you can never hope to keep.  Society is going to judge you by what you do, who you are, or what you have.  In sports, the team’s record determines success.  In business, you’re only as good as your last sale.  Even relationships are based on behavior and merit.  But God says ‘come to me’ regardless of your condition, status, successes or failures, and ‘I will give you rest.’


Heavenly Father, thank you for accepting me just as I am.  I know I can’t change my circumstances, apart from You, I can do nothing.  Lord, what I have been taught in the past is all wrong, today, I surrender to You.  Your love is the greatest gift given to mankind, may we receive that gift and place our lives in Your loving hands.


“God is love!” and “He loves me!”

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