Word 4 Today May 3, 2011


Let’s suppose one day we went out to the garden and planted some seed.  Would we go out the next day and wonder why we saw no life yet?  Would we dig up the soil to try to find out what’s going on?  No, that would be foolish.  It works the same way in life, one of the hardest lessons we have to learn is to plant, then be patient and wait.  It seems we want things to happen quickly so we can see immediate results.  Sorry!  When we garden we must cultivate the soil, put the seeds in, water them and wait.  Our lives are just like that. 

When we ask God to help us change our lives and our conditions we must first cultivate our soil, plant the seeds, water them, be patient and wait for them to grow.  Be prepared to make a commitment, and sincerely desire not just change, but total transformation.  Plant the seed; spend personal time with God.  Pray, read His Word, be kind, give, love, build each other up.  Sure the rain may come, the wind might blow, and the sun may get a little hot, but they are all necessary for that seed to blossom and grow.  “… The seed is the word of God….” Luke 8:11 Later on in that same chapter Jesus tells us, “But the ones that fell on good ground are those who, having heard the word with a noble and good heart, keep it and bear fruit with patience.”  Luke 8:15


Lord, let me prepare myself for the harvest by planting Your Word, the seed, into my heart.  I will be patient and continue to water it and cultivate the soil until I see some fruit, more fruit, and a lot of fruit.  You are faithful Father and if you say plant, I will and eventually I will see the evidence of what was planted in the garden.


It takes time for fruit to mature, oh but when it’s ripe!

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