Word 4 Today April 30, 2011


Hebrews Chap. 4 verse 16 says:  Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in the time of need.   We are to come fearlessly, confidently and boldly to the throne of grace to get mercy, forgiveness and help exactly when we need it.  When you ask for something, ask big, it’s a big God we serve.  He loves us enough to take care of our finances, our health, our insecurities, and every other need that we might have.  Notice God does not say, come timidly, anxiously, or fearfully into the throne, but “Boldly” and confidant that He hears your request. Once we begin to think about how much God loves us all else falls into place.  The Bible is full of God’s promises to His children and He can never break a promise.  Read them, study the Bible, and apply His truths in your life.


Lord, You are so good, loving, patient and kind.  How can I not go to You when I have a need? You want to help us; You know what we are going through.  Only in You may we find the grace to meet any challenge life has to offer.  Thank You for another month.  May Your mercy shine upon this nation, Amen.


It’s better to ask for a lot and get a little, than to ask for a little and get all of it.

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