Word 4 Today March 28, 2011


A long-time friend of mine once asked me why he had such empathy for other people – to those who were hurting and poor, the lonely and the unaccepted.  The answer was that he had once been like that and had experienced those same feelings of inadequacy.  He had the gift of accepting what life had given him and now he could fully share his experience in the life of other people.  Many things that happen in our lives do not happen for our sake, but for the sake of others.  That’s how we learn to share in the sufferings and needs of others.  My friend learned that he went through many of his experiences in order to understand and sympathize with others.  Unless he had gone through the same experiences, he could not understand other people well enough to be able to help them.  My little children let us not love in word or in tongue, but in deed and in truth.  1 John 3:18 


My friend’s name is Ted.  Let’s pray that his good work, his sympathy, compassion and understanding for others continues to lift them up.  Pray that he continues to bless all those out there that just need to be understood.


How many Teds does it take to make a big difference in the world?  Only 1.

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