Word 4 Today March 27, 2011


God’s power in our lives increases as our ability to understand His love and therefore grace increases.  The things that limit our power are limited only by our free will and understanding.  Faith works this way: we start with the little right we know and by an act of our free will; we do our best to carry that right out.  God respects free will and we always have the right to accept or reject the little right He has asked us to do.  He then gives us a little more right and again we choose whether or not to do it.  The more we choose right, the more right we are given to do.  The more right we do then determines God’s miracle working power in our lives.  Sincere desire to do the best we can with what we know gives God the opportunity to bestow His goodness upon us.  It is we who limit God through our lack of spiritual vision.  Teach me to do Your will, for You are my God; Your Spirit is good.  Lead me to the land of uprightness.  Psalm 143:10


Lord, teach me Your ways.  Give me the spiritual insight I need to do the little things right.  Give me power to exercise my free will in doing what is right, and not what is wrong.  Lord we have all been given 24 hours and today I choose to use mine doing good!


Is God fair?  Do we not all have a choice?

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