Word 4 Today March 17, 2011


There are really only two ways for us to live: the wrong way, or the right way.  Take this practical test.  When you live the right way, do things seem to work out better for you?  When you live the wrong way, do things seem to work out badly for you?  We always take out of life what we put into it.  If we tend to disobey the laws of nature, chances are we will become unhealthy.  If we disobey spiritual and moral laws, chances are we will become unhappy.  Whatever we get used to the body craves.  If we eat ice cream everyday, chances are tomorrow we will want more of it.  Will it make us healthy?  If we learn to eat healthy food, eventually we will crave that food, and our bodies will become healthy.  Its the same with the spirit, if we get used to being honest, unselfish, loving and giving, we want to do it more and more.  If we learn to live like this we can expect to be reasonably healthy and happy.  Do not be wise in your own eyes; fear the Lord and depart from evil.  It will be health to your flesh, and strength to your bones.  Proverbs 3:7,8


I pray the more I live the right way, the more it becomes a habit.  I pray that I may follow the path that leads to a better life.


Am I eating the right spiritual food?

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