Word 4 Today March 13, 2011


Many of us have called out to God when we were overcome by weakness, pain, sorrow, discord, and conflict.  Our lives were a mess and we really did not know what to do.  We found that when we appealed to God, He never failed to answer our prayers, the power we needed came simply and naturally.  He has taken all of us out of some very unpleasant conditions.  He has never failed us in desperate situations.  Then things went right for a while and we forgot who made them that way. We stopped giving God the praise and honor He deserves, and got too busy to spend time with Him.  Prayer is much more than going to God with a need; it is a spirit that can change your life.  It will raise the quality of your thoughts and words and change the direction of your life.  Set your mind on things above, not on things of the earth.  Colossians 3:2 


Lord you have been so good to me in my time of need, so good in fact that I pray that I do not forget you when everything seems to be going my way.


Transformation is God’s goal for us, are you willing to be transformed?

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