Word 4 Today January 17, 2011


To realize God’s presence, you must surrender to His will in all areas of life, the small things as well as the big things.  The little things we do will separate us from God as much as the big things.  A little white lie, fear of failure, criticism, gossip, or resentment can all be blessing blockers.  It’s not that God does not want to bless you, but until you gain control over these little matters, the blessing can’t flow through to you.   On the other hand, a kind word, an act of love, a random act of helpfulness, or a selfless reconciliation will restore fellowship with God and allow the blessings to flow in you and through you.  You see, everything you do for God, you do for you.  If you forgive, both the party you are forgiving and you will be blessed.  If you perform an act of random kindness, both you and the person you helped will feel better.  No man is an island, and what you do has a rippling affect on whoever’s around you.  He who is faithful in what is least is faithful also in much; and he who is unjust in what is least is unjust also in much. Luke 16:10


Dear Lord, allow me to be faithful in the small everyday happenings of life.  I know if I am faithful in the little things, You will give me an opportunity to serve in greater and more influential ways.


Be faithful where God plants you and watch what He does!

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