Word 4 Today January 8, 2011


There are days that require much effort, and times when you feel overwhelmed by all that is going on around you.  The solution to this problem is often rest.  It is never a good idea to carry on too long without rest.  Life fluctuates between balance, and rest and the successful life has learned how to properly balance the two.  If we are honest, we will concede that our efforts are not really effective unless we have first spent time preparing for it through meditation and prayer.  When we do not prepare properly by resting, we become like a man in a rocking chair, lots of movement back and forth but very little progress.  Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him….  Psalm 37:7 


Lord, in those times when I feel overwhelmed and life is requiring too much effort, may I come to You for rest.  When hard times come and I feel listless, powerless, weak, and worried, may I find my strength in You.  Lord, give me proper balance and prepare me for effective effort.  Remind me that worthwhile effort always comes by preparing first through proper rest.


Am I willing to spend some quiet time with God in order to be effective?

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