Word 4 Today November 21, 2010


Most people feel that way before their feet ever hit the floor.  They wake up with the attitude of “Oh God, another day”, and why not?  Before you leave home, your wife, children or parents, put conditions on you.  You leave home and society puts conditions on you.  At work the boss puts, conditions on you. 

The need for approval and acceptance and the strong desire to be liked is “a stark reality” that’s always based on whether or not, your performance is in line with the conditions that were placed upon you by others.  If you do well you feel good, if you don’t you feel bad.  It’s a, lose… lose proposition because other peoples feelings for you are based on your performance.

WANT PEACE?  The love of God is the complete opposite of the worlds love.  God’s love is, unconditional, abundant, and ever-present and overflowing, it is who God is. 

FOR GOD IS LOVE (1 John 4:8) If you are tired of seeking the worlds approval and are searching for true peace and genuine happiness you must first realize just how much God loves you.


Our words either yield one of two things, sweet fruit or bitter fruit.  What kinds of fruit do we like others to give us? What kind of fruit do we pass out?  Maybe if we eliminate the words that are stressing us out… we can eliminate most of the stress itself.  Lord, prayer is a good stress eliminator, why don’t we just pray instead of complain?


Eliminate stress by receiving God’s love!

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