Word 4 Today November 7, 2010


Anything of value needs to be mined or dug for. Take for example, oil or gold – precious stones or minerals.  They cannot be acquired without a major investment of time, patience, and a strong desire to obtain material wealth.  Your life and happiness, my friend is so much more valuable than gold, silver, precious stones or material wealth. There is so much wealth inside each and every one of us; it’s a God given ability.  Take time to find out who you are and be patient with yourself, its O.K. to be human.  Desire to succeed in achieving your highest potential and you will obtain Joy In Life that money can’t buy.  Find out who you are, dig deep and search for the treasure that’s buried deep inside of you.  You can find it-it’s there! “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.”  Luke 12:34


God went to such great lengths to show His love for you.  He will lift you up and let you out of whatever is holding you back.  He will provide you with whatever you lack and promise you a new and abundant life.


If God loved you enough to give you His Son – what will He hold back?

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