Word 4 Today November 2, 2010


Peter greeted Mr. Jones, who had died and appeared in Heaven.  “Come with me Mr. Jones and we will get you into a white gown.”  They walked for a bit and they entered a big, beautiful building to get a robe.  While in the building Mr. Jones noticed that it was full of boxes stacked all the way to the ceiling with his name written on them.  He asked Peter, “Why are all of these boxes stored in here with my name on them?”  “Oh” Replied Peter “Those boxes are full of all of the wonderful and marvelous blessings that God had prepared for you while you were on earth that you never asked for and claimed.”

Matthew 21:22  “And whatever things you ask in prayer, believing, you will receive.”


I pray we would learn to understand just how much God loves us.  He has already provided us with boxes full of wonderful blessings that we have failed to ASK for, to BELIEVE for, and therefore fail to RECEIVE.  There’s a storehouse full of blessing that can only be claimed while we are alive.


God is trying to tell you that you are a winner.  Let Him!

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