Word 4 Today October 27, 2010


We have a choice to make, we can either choose to live a life of rules and live by legalistic domination, fear and uncertainty or we can choose to live in the wonderful acceptance and unconditional love we can experience by the way of the Cross.  A life of grace is available to anyone who will call upon the name of the Lord.  The New Testament shows Gods goodness.  (1 John chap: 4 vs. 9-19)  God’s grace and love are so apparent in these verses, what does God not say? He didn’t say he wanted to be distant or that we would have to find our own way of salvation.  He did not say that we had to live under law and judgment. (Ephesians chap: 2 vs. 8-9) God could not be more specific concerning how we are to live as Christians today.  (Romans chap: 5 vs. 1-8)  How much more can Gods grace towards mankind be made clear?  


God gave us the gift of grace to allow us to know him in an intimate way, it enable us to draw near to him at the “Throne of Grace” where God promises to provide every desire of your heart especially, the only one thing that can satisfy us completely, that is the Lord Jesus Christ who is full of LOVE, MERCY and GRACE.


Do you feel God is angry with you or keeping score or making sure you measure up?  Have you ever gone to the Throne of Grace? Were you fearful or lonely? Did you need strength or forgiveness? Were you hungry or hurt?  Did God ever turn you away?

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