Word 4 Today October 16, 2010


I spend a lot of time planning my time because frankly, at my age there’s just not a lot of it left so every single moment is important to me.  Time is interesting if you take the time to think about it. What is it?  What was it designed to do?  How much of it do you have?  How much do you need?  We all see time differently; we either have too much time, not enough time or very little time.  People think they can save time, but I have never seen a time bank where you could save, borrow, loan, withdraw or deposit time.  A lot is being made today about time saving devices, microwaves and appliances, fast food, pay at the pump gas stations, express lanes and on and on, all were designed to save time, but tick-tock, tick-tock, despite our time saving devises it passes the same regardless of what we do. 

In reality, we cannot control time; it is one of the factors that as humans we have no control or power over; at best we can manage and prioritize how we spend our time, but we cant add or subtract the moment we are in.   I have discovered that for me, time is an “Allotted Period of Existence” period. Everybody’s “Period of Existence” is different and from the moment you took your first breath, the clock started ticking and at a specific point in time, it will stop ticking.  You will have as much control over your last breath as you did your first.  The good news is, it doesn’t matter how much space of time you have been given, we have all been given the opportunity to use it to love, laugh, and be productive citizens of this world.  My times are in Your hand… Psalm 31:15 


Lord may I take whatever span of time You have allotted me to have and use it wisely.  Some-time to pray for others. Some-time to be quiet.  Some-time to be with friends.  Some-time to have fun.  Lord I know I only have so much time, so thank You for what You have given, and for what I have left.


Time marches on and only we can choose to march like we’re either in a funeral or a parade.  I like parades!

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