Word 4 Today October 1, 2010


God does not expect us to do everything-but the truth is, we can all do something.  We can all pray for others.  We can all read the Word of God.  We can all send out a card, E-mail, or make a phone call.  We can all be kind, if we choose to.  We can all go out of our way to make someone smile.  We can all bless, rather than curse.  We can all give – something!  I have a dear friend who is 90 years young, and she manages to mail out 100 birthday cards every year.  We are here for a reason and the reason is to share the gospel (The Good News) that God loves you and me.  There is no greater expression of one’s heart than to love.  There is no more powerful word in the universe as love.  Everything God does is out of love and our desire should be to take that love, then live it out by sharing love with others.  “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature.”  Mark 16:15


Dear Lord, thank You for sending Your Son on the greatest missionary journey ever.  Let us reflect on His purpose for leaving the splendor of Heaven and becoming a missionary here on earth.  He did not come for Himself, but because of His great love, He came for us.  He gave us the good news of love, hope, forgiveness, and eternal rewards.  Now Lord may we go out and share our love with others.


We all like “Good News” just go tell somebody!

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